The podcast

Human Circus is a narrative history podcast that follows the stories of travellers and reveals an interconnected medieval world full of merchants, ambassadors, friars, explorers, crusaders, soldiers and more. The podcast is grounded in primary sources and a lot of secondary reading, so you get a medieval individual's perspective and words, but you also get the background, the larger events they were participating in, and the direction history was headed once their story was done. 


We often think of “multicultural” stuff as being a feature of modern society, but different cultures have been encountering and influencing each other forever. This podcast tells some of those stories, which you probably haven’t heard anywhere else.
Just stumbled on Human Circus while perusing the new Recorded History Podcast Network. Excellent narration, well researched and presented.... Five Stars all the way...
I love that this podcast really digs deeply into the sources to bring history to us with a very in-depth narrative.
This podcast does a great job in taking large parts of history and teaching them through the eyes of an individual, as well as showing lots of little details that are often missed during big picture history. I highly recommend...
I LOVE THIS SHOW! Super entertaining and the storytelling is superb. I’m addicted!!!
Love this guy’s voice. This is a great one to listen to when I need a destresser — and I accidentally learn stuff about history. Recommended.
Human Circus does a great job of weaving a story about relatively unknown or poorly understood periods of history. Great listen! It sounds great too! You can tell the author puts a great deal of work into creating each episode.